14 November, 2006

The Cold Thoughts

My series essay in working poor is getting long. Hmm.
I know it’s because of the busy-ness of my work and also because of the virus that’s been tormenting my body for two months now... ;p
Right now I am feeling like I need more pills... like, I need more medicine. The one my doctor prescribed for me is only for mornings and evenings twice a day, so at around five o’clock I can feel the medicine losing effect and I feel really dull and weary. At such times all that’s in my mind is what to drink or eat in order to keep myself from fainting, or if I should eat something and take the pill for the evening so that I can work for another several hours, or to stay up just a little longer and go home early and take the pill and go to bed... if I soothe it now, I know I would keep myself busy for another few hours and as a result, delays full recovery.

Wow, I just realized that pretty much the same thing can be said for the working poor issue!

The industry I am in, the IT, is said to be one of the industries in which the workers can most easily fall into workaholocism. I bet the actual structure is something universal, but some academics analyze the issue relating it to the long-lived feudal system in Japanese history.

I was going to write about shopping malls and local economy, but I now I have my mind on several little components of the same big issue.

Going back to my medicine dilemma, I decided to choose the latter choice and go home early.
See ye tomorrow :-)

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