01 November, 2006

Series: Downside of Japanese Education 2

The Ministry of Education announced its solutions to the educational issue – the already-graduated will not be questioned about their credits in high school, and as for the current students are to take make-up classes worth 70 hours, and for those who still cannot fulfill the requirement just by make-up classes will have to turn in papers. As a result the burden on the students have been lightened but still, the 12th graders this year are sure to suffer hard situations this winter preparing for not only collage entrance but also graduation.

The answer to the questions of whom to be blamed, where the responsibility lies yet remain blurry. First of all, the nation (or the government) is accountable for suggesting this relaxed education policy in the first place. The universities too, for still having enrollment exams stressing academic grades. Then the high schools for cheating their curriculums in order to maintain their fame, status and reputation, the educational board for probably acknowledging the corruption yet dismissing them, and last but not least the students and their parents for accepting it – since it is also their responsibilities to know what kind of education they are supposed to and are receiving in reality – or perhaps, hoping it.

Of course, the responsibility varies in size and kinds so it’s probably impossible to blame just one actor in this situation.

I’m sure (or hope not) that the government did not intend these issues to arise, and it is natural to think that the universities want to maintain their “quality of students” as well as the high schools. It may have been from inevitable goodwill that the high schools faked the truth so that the students can concentrate on their exam studies, and the students must have tried to come up with the most effective and efficient way to form their glorious futures.

Seems like what was supposed to form a comfortable system is falling apart.

So what exactly is it that this sickman relaxed educational policy is supposed to achieve?

”As opposed to the ‘stuffing-type’ education stressing the amount of knowledge and facts, the relaxed educational policy aims to provide education in which enables children to cultivate humanity and identity, the ‘ability to live’ in a relaxed environment at the same time as obtaining basic knowledge and skills”

Something like that is claimed to be the idea of relaxed education.
But what it really brought was harsher “stuffing”. It is also undeniable that this policy is bringing about a serious dumbing down of basic scholastic abilities.

Alright, this time they’re going to add another 70 hours of class, but what are they going to do if something similar happens again? The very core of the issue is left unsolved, untouched.

I haven’t been able to discuss the bullies because of the credit issue, but since this will become long as it can be if I don’t stop. I’ll discuss educational issues every now and then, and try to throw in some other interesting topics.

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