14 June, 2006

Another Wacky Building in Harajuku

This morning I went out to Aoyama for a different job from Japan Mode.

Although I hadn’t been there recently, the townscape seems to have not lost its unique atmosphere with the designed modern buildings of name brands especially Prada and Cartier.

I was with a couple of other colleagues and by the time we finished that job for the morning it was past noon so we decided to find a place to have lunch. And suddenly, we found this bizarre building.

This is it.

I’ve always thought that the Prada and other buildings in this neighborhood are weird, but this one was truly bizarre. I was just stunned to have found this.

Because only the brand new building was there and it seemed like no stores have filled in the empty spaces so it is actually kind of exciting to see what kinds of brands and stores and possibly restaurants and cafés are going to be there.

There are a bunch of Japanese brands geared toward young Japanese women around, so perhaps this building is going to be another fashion building. You never know.

Speaking about “you never know”, I did watch the FIFA World Cup match between France and Switzerland although it started from 1:00am Japan time. And I think some of you already know, the match ended with a draw :-( Attacks not strong enough, I guess. This may not be the right place to write about soccer soccer and soccer, but I sure hope my most favorite player Zinedine Zidan (who by the way announced his retirement right after the World Cup) will show us a lot of plays so splendid that some depict them as his dance with the soccer ball.

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