29 June, 2006

The Timeless Island 4

The weather has been more than nice these couple of days. It’s good we have some sun, but the sun obviously brought some heat. Now the outside temperature is suddenly above 30C (86F) for two days in a row, and it can be so tomorrow. I’m not very sure about the weather forecast… at one place I hear the sun is going to hide again but somewhere else says tomorrow will be just like today. Well, if it’s going away, I’ll surely miss it.

When it gets this hot and humid, the body temperature of other people around you on the train gets really annoying. If it’s going to be hot anyway, I’d prefer the baking hot to steaming hot. My mind is completely away from the craziness of Tokyo and making trips to Okinawa these days. Writing about it makes me want to go there more, and because I want to go I keep writing… vicious circle.

I feel like in the islands where you can’t see the end of the sky, sunset goes much slower. The sky gets dark even before I see the sunset in this skyscraper-crowded city of Tokyo. So, back to Okinawa.

As we rested our tired bodies under the shade around sunset, we heard the B&B’s daughters voice calling out to us, “Are you there?” We shouted back “Yeah we’re here” and headed towards her voice.
Like on the way to the beach, we got on the back of the pick-up truck so it didn’t matter if we were drenched or were covered with sand. Maybe that’s why she brought us there with a pick-up truck.

“I was thinking it’s about time you’re worn out.”
The daughter said. She came at the right time, I mean, if we decided the time earlier then we wouldn’t have had enough fun and if we had set the time later we would have had to wait for long. Her guess was truly impressive. I think if I were to set the time for her to pick me up, I would’ve done the latter and would’ve been exhausted. Even then, I think we swam for about 6 hours all together :P

After we got back to the B&B we took some time to rest. Even though we were resting I was over-excited and kept talking about the marvels of the sea that I had encountered during the day, and he listened to me with a favorite yet kind smile. It was true, there was an Okinawa I didn’t know.

We were informed that we still had 2 hours till dinner, so we decided to go out for a walk in the never-sinking sunset. Of course there wasn’t a convenience store, but the island was so small even to have its own supermarket so we bought some juice in a little store and enjoyed the timeless atmosphere of the tiny island.

Before I knew I was humming to myself. I had a strange feeling of wanting to sing… the slow flow of time and the relaxed happiness made me want to sing so much. Strange, but very comfortable. I was filled with a warm feeling.

Soon we started to smell something good from the nearby houses and my stomach was growling.
“Let’s go back, I’m getting hungry.”

Isn’t this great? Nothing binds you and you’re just free to move around and do things as you feel.
I‘m starting to feel a bit sentimental now as I write this, even sad. Why, cuz I’m getting hungry but I can’t go home :-(

That’s it for today. We have just a bit more to go.

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