04 July, 2006

Caught up with reality

Umm, life is getting kind of messy and now I’m so overwhelmed with work that maybe it’s not time for me to be (spiritwise) carried away World Cup soccer and at the same time dream and be nostalgic about those fantastic days in Okinawa!

I know being busy is better than having no jobs and tasks in your hands, but I’m sorry to tell you that I might not have enough time to spare for this blog. Well, it’s not like this is a blog with a million access a day and hardly anyone’s gonna miss it :p lol

By the way, you write “to lose (lose as in die) your heart/mind)” as the kanji for “busy-ness”.

When the situation is like this, it makes me want to go to Okinawa so much more cuz its so relaxing over there... so we start from the noctiluca today.

Noctiluca – that was the first time for me to hear the word, and because I’m never really happy with anything that has to do with bugs and insects frankly I wasn’t so keen on the idea of going out to see bugs. But my friend insisted that they are not like the “bugs” I had in mind, and also said that we might not be able to see it anymore, so I said yeah why not and we went out.

Until we did so I was assuming that we were going to head towards the mountain but it turned out that he went straight for the beach. It took me seconds to learn that these noctiluca are out in the ocean.
I was still imagining that because of the sound “yakouchu” (night – light – bug/insect) it would look something like fireflies. But even when we got to the waterfront we couldn’t see anything but the black ocean and the starry sky and nothing was really glowing or flashing except for the stars above.
Then, my friend suddenly when splash splash into the water without any hesitation. And then, the water surface glowed around his feet. That was good enough to get draw me into the water. So I did, and as I did I noticed that when I moved my feet in the water something – something fluorescent – glowed around my feet, too. But it wasn’t reflection or anything of that kind. My feet were obviously hitting something in the water.

I learned later that “noctilucae” are a kind of tiny tiny protistica and they glow when something stimulates them. Well, if you say that’s that scientifically it is nothing more than protist but when you actually see it with your own eyes it’s something more illusionary and fantastic. It was fun, too, cuz they moved around along with every move I made. My friend told me that when he was here before he could see a whole lot more, but the number seems to be shrinking rather rapidly. Coral reefs, too.

So for next time, the story of the rest of the night and the coral crisis.

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