13 July, 2006

End of Rainy Season?

It’s kind of gray outside know, but it hasn’t really rained in Tokyo since last Sunday. Plus the temperature is rising higher each day making night sleeps unpleasant and day work tiring.

I think that the Met Office will announce the end of rainy season some time soon.
Next Monday is the Marine Day and its a holiday :-) The first three-day-weekend in a looong time. Can’t wait!

...and as I write, yes of course, it started to rain. I checked the weather forecast just now, and it says rain and clouds for my precious three-day-weekend...!! Does it have to take away all my weekend fun!? Geez the Tokyo sky! It’s getting hot and the Marine Day is coming up and I feel like swimming. But it says that we’ll have rain until next Wednesday... right.

I was gonna write today, alrighty the end of rainy season, and re-start the bright and fresh Okinawa story, but as it turned out, it’s another gloomy passage :-(

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