18 July, 2006

Long time waiting, Short time passing

So my precious three-day-weekend is now over.
Saturday I stayed home doing nothing really. Just relaxed and took away my weeks worth of fatigue. It was crazily hot from the morning this day, but as hours passed the sky turned dark bringing big loud thunders and lightening along with pouring rain. Although, it was more like a tropical squall which stopped in an hour or so.
I love the feeling I get on a day like this. I just turn on the A/C to dry mode and loaf around watching TV or surf on the Internet... it just makes you feel right to do these things which otherwise (like in good weather) you might think is a waste of time... or at least I would feel like a waste of time.

On the following Sunday, I went out to this place called Misaki with four good friends. Misaki is a fishing port located at the southernmost end of Kanagawa Prefecture (which is right next to Tokyo) and is known for its tuna catches.
The weather wasn’t great, but it was okay meaning we had neither sun nor rain. We could enjoy our ride and we could also have great tuna dishes. In fact, since it was still hot although it wasn’t sunny, I did regret and blamed myself for not bringing my swimming pants when we came to a nice nature park right by the water and all I could do was to feel the breeze. Instead, we happened to come across this summer festival that we didn’t know of and had a blast there.

The same night, we shot off north to the Yokohama Port International Fireworks, and despite the fact we barely made it to the fireworks, we got to see them from the best spot ever. It was not from near the launching sites, but where we were was on this big cable-stayed bridge called Bay Bridge which was close enough to the main site, and it was flippin awesome!! After that we squeezed ourselves through the insane crowd of the Yokohama China Town and had dinner at this place one of my friends recommended.

And on the final day yesterday – which was another super-stormy day – I went to see MI-3 with one of my friends whom I was with the previous day. And then we met up with another friend and went to have kushikatsu.

Kushikatsu is a Japanese dish in which you stick chopped meat and/or fish/clams with also chopped veggies on a fine stick less than a foot long, put deep fry batter on them, sprinkle them with bread crumbs and fry. The place we went to last night had fryers built to each table, and we could make our own favorite kushikatsu by picking out ingredients of our choice and frying them. It’s not just that that makes this place great; it’s an all-you-can-eat place.

Geez, all-you-can-eat-places are nuts. I mean, it was ok when we were young like college students. But the thought that always come to me when I go into one of these places is that if I want to eat more than I paid, I have to eat a lot. Even if I don’t care about getting my money’s worth, when I think that it makes no difference if I eat 10 or 100, I’ll be like “then, why not 100?” and eat a truck load anyway, usually making me super stuffed in the end.
At the table next to us, three young girls were stowing away their kushikatsu and the three of us were like, “yikes, we’ve grown so old...” and left the restaurant soon.

So that was my three-day-weekend. I guess it’s pretty typical as a Japanese.
And my impression on MI-3? Uh, it was ok. Yeah, I could enjoy it. Well, it was more like a spectacular Tom Cruise promotion movie. But because I won’t stop once I start talking about flicks, I won’t go into the movie part this time :P

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