06 July, 2006

The Japanese Sense of Crisis 2

Part of the military training, right.
North Korea officially admitted the fact of launching seven ballistic missiles but their claim is that its for the strengthening of its national defense.

As far as I could see from the news today, the topic seems to be already fading to some extent. So is the whole country like, “here they go again”? And while we’re like this, North Korea made clear that they are going to continue on this...

Sooo... is this something that can be “okay-ed”? What do you guys from outside Japan think about the whole issue? I’m really curious to know how the other parts of the world consider this problem.

I suppose the people here wouldn’t really realize how big the issue is until some damage is done, and then they (or we) are going to accuse the Japanese government for not taking considerate enough care.

I feel like there are many (and I mean many) aspects in Japan where the Japanese people show this vague “so-what” kind of attitude... hard to describe, but this character of leaving things alone until some serious problem comes up. Religion, too. I guess sometimes it’s good that people aren’t so strict about holding one and only ideas, but sometimes I think it could be the downside. Maybe I’ll write down my thoughts on that sometime later.

Well the biggest thing I want to say right now is about the match this morning (of course the one between France and Portugal!!) and that it was really scary. Portugal was being quite aggressive (in sports term) and France did manage to protect the goal... and Henry got this super chance of PK and Zidane beautifully made it! But Portugal didn’t weaken in the latter half and, whoa, this one really made me tired. This time I didn’t dance with joy but instead kind of fell to the floor with relief rather than excitement.

So next, Italians! This is really going to be a marvelous game, I know it! ...except that the match is going to be on late Sunday night...

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