03 August, 2006

At Last, Summer

Now it really feels like summer here. I hear the rainy season is over in Tohoku meaning that although later than usual, the entire country has now entered real summer. Hmm, the days when I was a little kid, I remember the rainy season ending in June and having summery summer from the beginning of July.

Considering the recent downpour in Japan and in other parts of Asia as well as the heat wave in some other parts of the world, the nature is surely losing balance. I mean, anyone can tell that something’s wrong with nature and the ecosystem. But the scale is so grand, you can only feel how powerless and helpless you are when you face the impact of nature. Sooo many people here despair over the disorder of the mother earth, but very few (if not none) move forward to actually do something about it. Everybody is like, “Oh no... the world is falling apart”.

Is this something happening only around me?
How do people talk about, or react against the topic of abnormal weather when it comes to a conversation?

And what are the solutions?
Raise one degree the A/C setting? Separate garbage?
I assume everybody knows that in his or her minds, but merely as a fact.
But how much effect can you actually see with your own eyes? How much does it help stopping abnormal climate to separate garbage? Way too vague, you need a lot of imagination and conscience.

But no, there might be something urgent or better for us human beings to work on. It might be that we just feel the present attempts aren’t good enough, but don’t know what the better methods are and just let our anxiety grow inside us.

Umm, I don’t even know what I’m writing or trying to write here, but I guess I wanted to say that it’s not time to be quarreling over gas exhaust regulations. The issue is bigger yet hard to see and hard to feel. That may be the biggest terror of the whole thing.

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