22 August, 2006

Autumn hath come...

akikinuto meniwa sayakani mienedomo
kazeno otonizo odorokarenuru

This is a Japanese song – or a poem from the ancient days.

It says,
”Autumn has come. Although I do not see it clearly, I was startled by the sound of the wind.”

Sounds kind of melancholic but in Japan, autumn is usually started with a series of typhoons so yeah, I guess the sound of the wind can startle me.
As for me personally, I just saw some thunderclouds the other day (like I wrote in the last entry) and felt like it was summer but then, last night as I stepped out of my house after work to go to the coin laundry I heard the chirps of bugs (sort of like crickets but not exactly: suzumushi in Japanese) and I have to say, I was surprised by the shift of the season already.

Come to think of it, it has gotten a bit cooler in the evening from around sunset yesterday and this morning wasn’t too bad either. The noises of the cicadas suddenly feel agonizing, like how candlelight burn the strongest and brightest right before it dies out. Now I feel like autumn is here.

We have four seasons and the changing is rather vague – it’s not something that ends on a particular day and starts from the next day – but it’s a little surprising how you can feel the difference or the shift in the littlest things like the smell of the air. And being able to attach feelings to it is another thing that I value and am proud of being born as a Japanese.

Having said that, I might be saying “woohoo it’s so summery!” tomorrow :P Who knows?

Oh, so I was writing how I saw thunderclouds for the first time this summer. Well my colleague told me that it’s been around like any other summer. Was it just me not having the breadth of mind to gaze at the sky?

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