24 August, 2006

What About Men’s Glasses

So so, I got started with glasses topic and wrote about women’s glasses so let’s go over men’s glasses today.

Men, as compared to women, tend to have glasses more for eyesight correction purpose so naturally functionality was stressed over fashionability – until a couple of years ago. Similarly to women fashionability started to draw attention, and together with the influences of rock bands and pop comedians, men with glasses are gaining more and more popularity among women.

A clear example of this can be seen in Japan’s largest SNS mixi. Within mixi, there is this girls only community called “megane-danshi aikohkai” (boys in glasses circle) joined by nearly 200,000 members. Their activities include the establishment of “megane-danshi cafe” where all of the staffs are boys wearing glasses, and publishing a book on megane-danshi. Some even claim that the handsomeness goes up by 30% when men wear glasses. Almost crazy, lol.

I classified women in glasses yesterday, and it seems like that classification works for men too.
But like I also mentioned, men in Otaku Type glasses are by no means the most popular group. Even then, there are some “surprises” like the social phenomenon Densha Otoko (Train Man) so the reputation might be improving... maybe.

Tomorrow, I’m going into the details of the classifications for men.

*Densha Otoko... an otaku Cinderella story of an Akiba-otaku that started with his rescue a beautiful lady on the train from a drunkard.

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