31 August, 2006

A Fear Come True

I was going to seriously start a Japan Guide, but there was a shocking news so I changed my mind to write about it.

Several weeks ago I was writing about the sad fate of the coral reefs in Okinawa and our obligations to protect them. Well, I was reading through this Okinawa blog as part of my daily routine and faced this very sad passage.

Nishibama (or Nishihama), known to be the most beautiful beach on Aka Island in the Kerama Islands is being damaged by banana-boats and jet skis. That’s already shocking but what’s worse, ropes are tied under water and food stands are selling food on the beach... totally lawless. The damage to the coral reefs is clearly spreading and they say that the dead corals are much more visible.

When I first saw that beach and water there, although it was before season, it was still a very beautiful and quiet paradise without a single person. Even during my second which was exactly two years ago I didn’t see a single banana-boat or a jet ski even though I did warn a few people who were resting on the tables of coral.
Never knew that the situation has worsened so quickly... It’s really depressing :-(

Many people have showed interest in this blog and took actions including complaints and e-mails to Zamami Village and Okinawa Prefecture.

The natural treasures which so many people wish to keep as it is, are being ruined and (hopefully not! but) eventually destroyed by heartless and mindless businesses and tourists.

I will see with my own eyes in two weeks the place that I hold so dear, so I will write comments and reports here.

It’s really really depressing, but from tomorrow I’ll get started with my personalized Japan Guide.

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