07 August, 2006

Long Days

It has been so super hot and sunny for the past week that I can hardly believe the gloomy rainy days we had ten days ago. It’s a little past 17:30 (Japan time) here in Tokyo but it’s pretty bright out there. Not like there’s a good reason for it, but I just love these kind of un-drawing in evenings.

When I was a little kid I liked having longer days just because I can stay out and play longer, but as I grow older I feel like this is the time when I can take a deep breath and really relax for a moment.

I recently read in one book that, “the older we get, the faster time seems to pass. This is because we start to run time with the years we have lived.” I see, so a year is one fifth of your life when you were five, but one twentieth when you’re twenty. Sensuously, the same one year seems like it’s getting shorter, and so in that sense, the long daylight of summer becomes a true treasure to me.

Then, what is it like to have an entire day without sunset or night, like midnight sun? Wow, to me who’s never experienced midnight sun myself it’s unimaginable. Can kids play outside all day/night long?

I like the sun so I’m most comfortable when it’s warm and bright, but I bet there are many people who like night in contrast to people like me. There are places in the north where they don’t get to have much sun, right? Makes me feel how big this planet is. The idea of time and space... it’s overwhelming even just giving a tiny thought to it. Still, I like to let my mid drift on a long evening like today.

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