25 October, 2006

Bullies cont:

At the second meeting of the Educational Reform held in the morning today on October 25th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe promised urgent response to the increasing suicides of young students, that he along with the reform board will immediately start working on changing aspects that can be changed rather quickly.

It’s quite natural he said that – it’s more like an obligation for him as the political head of state. Leaving no comment to the incidents happening would be a great crime to the future of this country. The news also say that opinions like, “there should be people / organizations that actively takes care of children’s mental health issues” and “the help of media is needed to send out messages to the entire society” were expressed at the meeting.

Uh, what have they been seeing? In which fairy tale world were they living in? Bullies didn’t suddenly well up as a social problem recently, it has been around for a good decade – even that I know of. And it’s not like no one’s responding to it. There are people and organizations trying to improve the situation. The problem is, why should this question and opinion be the center of the argument, now?
Not enough being done? That may be so, but the biggest problem is, like I just wrote, that the argument is old. “Something should be done promptly” – that is a phrase used way too many times to retain the importance that lay in those words. It is a vague and rather easy statement to make.

What would become different if they don’t really change the parts that the snob greedy bureaucrats would suffer if they’d changed? What they don’t suffer won’t be any good, as it is because of they’re personal interests that is killing the country in many ways (this is the same for medical issues here). If they don’t argue the very basis of the problems, educational reform is never going to become real.

I don’t mean to blame just the gov. All of us have to work to show that there are better things in this world than bullying your classmate. The baton we are passing down our coming generation is becoming more and more fragile and dirty.

Educational Problems are big issues that can shape the country’s future in any way.
I’d like to hear some opinions of people outside of Japan. What kind of educational policies do your government have? What are the positive sides and problems? There isn’t much that I can do, but surely you guys’ opinion would be some help.

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