19 October, 2006

Gettin’ Cold

It is getting a bit chilly here in Tokyo in the mornings and evenings. I am by no means a big fan of cold weather so each day I grow bluer.

Several months ago, I started to be given more and more work like I had been moaning here and along with the increasing load of work my outfit changed from casual clothing to suit style (cuz I have to *cry*). And that makes winter even more horrifying because I had never in my life lives in business suits and therefore I don’t own any warm jackets or coats to wear over suits. And it’s not just something you can buy cuz you feel like buying... I mean, it’s pretty expensive, right?

Last year I didn’t care too badly about winter for I was wearing whatever I wanted to, but I’m going to freeze anytime if I don’t get a coat for myself soon!!
I already dream of Okinawa: the good warm time I spent a month ago and then my future life there. I tell you, I am going to live in Okinawa.

This is going nowhere so I think I’m going to stop now.

Check out Japan Mode for the second episode of the new webmanga Charmy Nurse M tomorrow!

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