26 October, 2006

Still with the cold

I feel so sick and weary. My body aches and it feels so heavy and dull and numb. I was complaining a while ago about this nasty cold that I came down with... well, I haven’t been able to get rid of it. I need a good long break to rest my body, but it’s been hell busy these days and I don’t even feel like I’m going to have Christmas break. Anyway, so I’m surviving each day with aspirin available at the most ordinary drugstore.

I never imagined a cold to be so bad. I had always been careful not to catch one in the first place, like I wash my hands always and gurgle whenever I can, but still couldn’t get away from it. Sometimes I go to bed a little early and because the next morning I feel fresh, I feel like I’m over with it finally but in truth not really cuz by the evening on the same day I’m feeling drowsy and feverish again.

There is a proverb in Japanese “a cold is the beginning for all diseases” and right now, I must be at the second or third stage of that proverb, heading straight to a heart attack or a brain stroke or something like that. This ain’t good.

By the way for your information, there is a data saying that Japanese people on average catch colds 5-7 times a year and 2-3 times a winter. Would mine count as one, or more?

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