12 October, 2006

Kerama Blue

In the rough waves of the typhoon the boat loaded with people and hope mightily moved forward!
Well really, the waves were rough as they could be. Most of the passengers got seasick and myself of course, having had that much breakfast was also one of the poor people who were half dead on the boat. Fortunately, because we got on the boat early enough to secure seats for all of us I was able to keep myself from getting too sick.

The heavy swell also kept the boat from picking up speed, and it was an hour past schedule when we finally got to our final destination of the trip. Final destination on the final day... finally I got my feet step on Akashima Island of the Kerama Islands!!!

The island port was full of staffs from the inns to welcome their guests. Since transportation has been stopped and no or very very few people came to the island during the typhoon days, the people at the port welcomed us with bright big smiles on their faces.

I bet people who went there that day and stayed on till the following day would be able to swim in the beautiful waters of Kerama. But for me, a person with a tad bit of hope still simmering in himself, it was the beginning of a dilemma of stepping on my love land and having to have to leave that same day.

As soon as we go to the island I took my friends to Hizushi Beach, a beach famous for having less people. Some time ago, I heard that when the most popular beach on this island Nishibama disallowed swimming many people moved to Hizushi and swam here.
Hizushi was not too far from the village, but we had to cross a little hill and getting there wasn’t that easy. We carried our bags on our backs and dragged out carry bags with fins and other water-playing tools as we climbed up the hill to the top.

A magnificent view of Hizushi Beach spread across in front of us when we reached the peak.

Beautiful, Grand and... Wild.

Yeah, wild.

Huge waves were crashing against the rocks and splashing to the beach and they were so huge that we could tell its force even from quite a height. No doubt, there was not a single human around and it was as though the waves were telling us that “you guys are gonna kill yourselves if you swim!”

The fatigue of coming all this way fell upon me at once.
What was this trip all about...? What are these new fins for...?
Feelings of despair and failure went around my body with eyes blank and lips twitching.


I did declare here months ago that I was going to report on the ocean & beach situation Kerama, Akashima and Nishibama were facing!_
I turned my heels and decided to go down over to Nishibama...
But then, I felt rain drops and my friend suddenly goes,

”Hey, I’m kinda tired. I don’t think I wanna bother going way over.”

This is what you call an adversity of life. Right.

Tomorrow, final chapter!
And like I suspected, this has become a long series.

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