05 October, 2006

Typhoon Sunshine

On the third day when the typhoon has completely passed the island, we headed straight to the port with a tad piece of hope. It was cloudy but it was not raining and the wind was almost nothing. It was right after the typhoon was gone so I wasn’t expecting any boats to leave the island in the morning, but was hoping there’d be at least one that goes to my dream island in the evening. Nonetheless, my faint light of hope was extinguished by the same zenbin-kekkou *hatred* again.

I was very disappointed, but there was no other way but to convince myself when I saw the sea. The sky wasn’t, but the ocean was storming. The waves crashing into the rocks and the embankment were no smaller than 14-15 meters, and although I wanted to go to the island I wouldn’t dare go into such water even on the largest ship in the world.

Besides, it was pretty clear that even if I did make it to the island on a plane I wouldn’t be able to swim so I’d sit there gazing at the ocean. Actually, I didn’t mind that but my friends who are first time Okinawa travelers couldn’t get any souvenirs because of the typhoon, we decided to go again to Kokusai St and I made sure to extend our stay at our favorite dormitory.

After we got back to the dorm we left our luggage and I decided to go out on my own separately from my two friends. I walked around Kokusai St taking pix but soon grew tired so I decided to go see this shrine that’s said to be built right on the edge of a cliff.

And so I did... and it was surely a very nice place. So I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

As for my cold... it’s giving me a really hard time.

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