08 May, 2006

Back to Reality

My sweet vacation starting last Wednesday had sadly ended yesterday...
I know many many many of you understand this hollow and tired feeling that a vacation, no matter how long it may be, is short after it's all over :(

So this petit vacation of mine was 5 days long and I spent most of it sitting inside my cozy house. Well my friend was going to drive a few hundred miles all the way to Tokyo but I guess he had a schedule conflict and had to cancel the trip, so for me who was so prepared to go out with my friend and kept my schedule blank, the vacation was nothing but long planless days.
Not too bad, though, I'm usually pretty busy so I enjoyed having nothing to do and just hanging around. But having said so I have to admit that I kind of regret doodling around having accomplished nothing fruitful. It always happens right? Universal phenomena, lol.

Anyway, after this GW ends there are a number of people getting caught in this May Disease every year and this year is by all means not an exception. FYI May Disease is not an official name and the medical term is adjustment disorder.

The main syndrome is more or less a light depression and the main reasons for that are as follow:
- can't adjust to the new life cycle like how you spend your time, living away from your family for the first time, etc.
- problems with new environment and new human relationships
- sense of release, loosening of tension from accomplishing big goals like enrollment to schools and companies
- sense of loss due to accomplishment of such goals
- sense of loss and confusion in terms of the gap between expectation and reality
- sonota (that means etc.)

Like I just said, the new school (fiscal) year starts in April here in Japan. A bunch of people join in new environments, and by now about a month passes and then you have this holiday week and you kind of feel relaxed - or to put it the other way around, less tense, and you start to feel at loss, confused, don't know what to do so on so forth and you know, you just kind of break in half.
I mean, this isn't something that happens to everyone, but still.

I started this job last year so I don't actually have this May Disease thing going on right now, but even then I felt so reluctant to set my foot out of my lovely house and I'm sure you all know what I mean :P

Well, a new season has begun, I should say! A whole lot of work to put into my web site.
Stay tuned to Japan Mode ;-)

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