02 May, 2006

Second Chapter of WebMANGA Released

The Second Chapter of Japan Mode's 100% original WebMANGA ChamaTama is up and out now!

In this chapter the girls encounter the cutting edge Shibuya fashion and get fascinated as compared to the kimono and ninja costume of the last chapter, so there should be a change somewhat. Now the manga has slowly started to move towards the direction of "nifty fashion-ninjas kicking ass in modern Japan". Hope it's good enough.

From the next chapter there will be more action and battles inside the city of Tokyo, and of course fashion stays to be the core element all the time so keep checkin'!!

Anyhoo, yesterday the weather was just CRAZY. Highs went up to 28C or higher, but today it's only 18C and it's cold. You know, if this was a couple of weeks ago and if the previous day hadn't been this counter-Indian summer kind of day, I would've thought, "wow 18C, awesome, I'm gonna go out in my T-shirt" but today, it's freezing cold.

What the hell generates this insane temperature gap!?Yesterday I was even like, "geez it's hot even in a T-shirt" but today I can't go out without a good jacket.

And what's worse is that the AC is on inside the office building, I mean like the entire building, on such a chilly day. What are the building managers thinking!? Okay, this is a software company and we have a BUNCH of computers in this small room but we do not need fridge air! Tomorrow's GW (yes finally, holiday for the last workers) but I feel like I have a cold somewhere inside me. C'mon, I'm not a high school kid!
(When I was in high school there was this horrible event on the previous day of GW, which made all students walk for 75kilometers: that's about 47miles: in one day. The school's scheme is this: after this dreadful event you get muscle-ache all over your body and can't go partying around over the holidays, thus prevents delinquency.)

So anyway, from tomorrow till Sunday Japan Mode as well as this blog will have no updates. Of course, Golden Week. See y'all next week!

Chapter2 !!

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