09 May, 2006

New Food

I'm into school cafeteria these days. Can't wait to go out for lunch everyday.
Of course I'm not a student anymore, but still :-)

There's a cram school close to my office and its cafeteria is open to the public as well to the cram students, so if you go there you can see a variety of people like businessmen and students from other nearby schools.

You can't really expect to get great food at such place but it's ridiculously cheap. A whole lunch set costs only 390 yen and that's incomparable man, I mean, if you go out to other eatouts and have the same volume of food it just can't be any cheaper.
Moreover, the daily menu changes everyday (duh, it's "daily") so I don't have to take time making my choice everyday going like "hmm, what shall I have today". This helps A LOT you know, cuz choosing can only be fun when you don't have to do it everyday.
Plus, most of the population eating there are students of some kind so the whole place is rather young and energetic. Quite fun. You don't get to eat at such place so often once you're in a company... well at least here in Japan, so I'm liking this cafeteria pretty good.

I once heard that the Google office in the States have top chefs standing by to serve you the best food they can cook and of course dessert, too, for FREE. Can you believe that? Can't tell you how jealous I am! Would there be a day when the company I work for becomes like that? Hmmm.

Nothing better to think of I guess. Today was just another chilly May day.

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