22 September, 2006

Cancelled? So what?

I was so shocked to see those four kanji saying “all boats cancelled” that I collapsed on the spot and sat there for a little while like a ragged doll. My friends who were also looking forward to this trip drooped their heads, but seemed like they switched their minds rather quickly and set out from the lobby complaining yet somewhat light-heartedly. As for myself, I was still trying to figure out a way to get to the islands cuz I felt kind of responsible for bringing them this far but not beyond, as much as I wanted to enjoy the island myself.


I soon remembered that you can also go to that island by different means. It’s three times expensive and it’s super small, but there’s a plane!!! I clutched the phone as I anxiously called the airport, and then the answer I got was like a gift from Santa Clause.

“Yes, it’s still flying.”

Guys, we’re off to the airport!!

So now, we got to the airport with high spirit (especially myself) and headed straight to the tiny tiny ticket counter at the very corner of the lobby.... just to find out that everybody else who were supposed to take the plane decided to cancel. ALL of them. I guess they feared to welcome the giant typhoon on a remote, isolated island that’s barely on the map.

It was then when a chubby white guy came along accompanied by an interpreter who kind of resembled Horiemon (that’s the ex-chief executive if Livedoor). It looked like he was going to this island no matter what. Soon I learned that he’s a professional diver. But he was despairing that even if he did make it to the island, there’d be no boats to take him off the coast to dive.

Seeing him, I felt the responsibility of bringing my friends who have never by then been to Okinawa and came along just because I asked them and it was their first time, and not only that, they’re first time skin divers. Concerning their safety, I understood that I had to be patient and give up on going to a place that could be very dangerous.

If I am to give up, do so manly! So now, we decided to rent a car. I thought that we could at least enjoy Naha City sightseeing and perhaps swim just a bit in the calm water of the main island Okinawa.

So next week, the story goes on to the looong story of my useless resistance.

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