26 September, 2006

To the Beach on the Main Island

Giving up taking the tiny cessna that can only carry 9 passengers at a time, we headed to Sesoko Beach on the Okinawa Main Island after renting a car. We wanted to get a car at the small airport but we were sent back to the big one to get the car. The place we were carried to on a micro-bus was the world famous DTS located next to the airport. Needless to explain, the duty free shops.

I was just a bit confused thinking, “so is this where we get the car?” but as soon as we entered the building we found the counter right there. The thing I didn’t appreciate so much during the process of renting the car was that after we filled in the papers, they took our baggage to carry them for us (this part was ok) and lead us through the name brand shops to get to the parking lot. This was the only passage to the car. Yeah, I know it’s cheaper cuz no tax, but... so commercial.

But too bad, we weren’t interested in them the slightest bit so we walked straight to the parking lot. As we waited, it suddenly started to pour. The weather was rather calm that I had completely forgotten that we were under typhoon attack. Our faces made grimaces but thankfully the rain didn’t last. It was more like a squall than a typhoon, that was over by the time we got out of the DTS.

From the point, all we had in our minds was Sesoko Beach. Follow the car navigation guys, we’re on our way to paradise.

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