14 September, 2006

Help me out!!

Well no one can except for the mighty all mighty god of weather.
The typhoon is coming straight to me, as if it’s aiming only, or as if we are the opposite ends of a magnet.
I am flying to Okinawa no matter what, but it’s literally hitting me!!!
How can it do this to me!!? I am (still) sooo looking forward to it.
This is more than too bad. I need better help than sympathy.
I was going to update some photos on my website (or maybe I still should).

Dunno how it’ll end up, but I have not given up my last hope and am not canceling at all.

Change your mind and go somewhere else, stupid idiot typhoon!!

So the next update here will be September 21, that’s a week from today.
Let’s wait for my words then.

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