12 September, 2006

Don’t you dare come, typhoon!

It got really hot again until yesterday morning, but then it cooled down quite a bit last night and today. Now I’m starting to feel like it’s vacation season :-)
But it’s been raining quietly the past few days and it seems like Tokyo will have nothing but rain and cool air brought by rain for the following week or so. For me, being person who’s taking a day of to enjoy a four-day-weekend in Okinawa, there’s another thing that concerns me a bit.

Yes it’s the typhoon month. I don’t hate it just because it’s disturbing for my vacation, but because it’s a killer in a very bad way for my family back in Kagawa, every year.
My family runs a cafe on a commercial street, and suffered a pretty big damage last year from typhoon. Last year, water flooded into the building and destroyed the commercial fridge which is quite huge and expensive so they had to get a new one. I just hope they won’t have to suffer anything like that again.

But then, you can’t do anything with natural disasters and even if you could, I feel it’s morally not right. In the end, all I can do is to pray it won’t directly hit my dear and near ones... and myself as well! Okinawa lies in the typhoon zone, getting the biggest damage in the country every year and the number that hits the islands isn’t small.

Let’s hope it won’t come... just please not this weekend!

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