21 September, 2006

Typhoon Attack

Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I did go to Okinawa!! Who cares about the typhoon which was actually said to be the biggest in the past decade. Who cares... orz
It really literally directly hit me right on the spot. And I’m going to report everything here on this blog.

The night before the trip I was so caught up with the huge load of unfinished projects at work, and I ended up taking the last train which naturally carried me home on the day of the trip. Good thing I had most of the things packed ready in advance. I double checked my luggage while I watched the news and weather forecast on TV, slept for 3 hours and took the earliest train to Haneda Airport.

Part of it because it was very early in the morning, but mostly because it’s this time of year, the beginning part of my trip (I’m still in Tokyo here) was a bit chilly and I needed a jacket to pull over. My two companions were already there at the airport waiting or me, and as soon as we checked in we bought breakfast and sat down to eat. I think we had some onigiri (rice ball).

Although I am a big fan of traveling, I am by no means a fan of flying. I can never get used to that awkward floating feeling you get when the plane takes off.

For two hours from Tokyo to Okinawa, I got a really good sleep not really caring about the other two. I have to say I was exhausted, but the short but deep sleep rejuvenated myself enough to feel excited about the trip.

Because from Okinawa to our destination island we had to take the little jet boat, we headed straight to the port in Naha as soon as we got off the plane. But it didn’t take seconds to realize that there were hardly any people around, whereas usually the place is crowded even at this time of year. Needless to explain, the sign at the ticket counter said “zen-bin-ke-kkou” which of course means, “all boats cancelled”. It didn’t even show the slightest bit of sympathy of any kind. My mind went blank. It became so blank. By the time I realized I was almost attacking the staff with questions only allowing him to squeeze out, “it doesn’t look that bad from here, but the water is pretty rough off shore.”


What in the world do you mean “all boats cancelled”!!!??
I am so going to use this phrase as part of the next four-character-idiom! :-(

And what action did I take then? That’s for tomorrow.

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