25 April, 2006

One Year from the Tragedy

Today one year ago, there had been a huge train crash... probably the worst train accident in decades, in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Since it was in the morning during the commuting hours the crashed train was loaded with passengers and in the end, 107 including the motorman died and 555 injured in this terrible accident. So today marked the first anniversary of this tragedy and there has been a memorial service held with many many victims' families attending.

Yesterday in fact, a track fault was found on a JR railtrack in Tokyo and the Yamanote Line (it's the loop railway running through core districts in Tokyo) had stopped for nearly all day. It just came at the wrong time I guess. I mean, it's only been one year and similar faults being found... I'm just glad that the fault was discovered early so that it didn't develop into a major accident. Geez.

Things like safety and security are disappearing from Japan today.
Worried about food due to BSE and bird flu,
doubts against public transportation due to the JR accident and faults,
having to have to suspect your own house's strength because of the quake-resistance data fabrication...
Since when have worries and concerns and doubts and suspicion spread across Japan like this?

Of course, I don't think that no country in this world has absolutely no worries at all. But a lot of them I suppose are worries beyond domestic issues. I mean, a country can't really solve problems like hunger and poverty and war issues all by her own, right? A bit different from the kind of worries Japan carries, I think.

Japan is not threatened by severe poverty or immediate wars. On the contrary, she's rather peaceful and rich. So at a glance, I guess she looks like a free and easy happy country.

But I believe that that's what makes it scarier and disappointing. The absence of tension makes people irresponsible and sloppy and lazy and we all have to feel worried and have doubts against each other because of that irresponsiblity. Very sad and disappointing and upsetting, isn't it.
Extreme selfishness lurk behind this insanity. In fact, the "restruction" of this extreme selfishness may be the most effective way to help Japan out from this insanity.

What do you think about the modern social disease of Japan?

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