26 April, 2006

What's hot Shibuya?

Today I headed down to Shibuya to get some pix and ideas for the webmanga ChamaTama.

It's known to be one of the craziest place on earth (those who've been there know what I mean, I guess) but since it was a gloomy Wednesday 2 o'clock it wasn't as bad. I mean, I kinded wanted to get hold of a pic of the world's craziest crowd, but still I think it was the most crowded 2 o'clock in Japan April 26th.

Here's where the mecca of teens and early twenties girls Shibuya 109 is, and I (male) went into this fashion building (the whole building is another world) gathering up all the courage I have. Man was I nervous. I was dog-tired by the time I crawled out of the building.

So here I think I'll write down this season's trends (or perhaps more like tendencies) that I felt today.

First of all, the marine look. Something new this year, I think. I saw a bunch of border stripe patterns or clothing with sailor-looking embelishment. Colorwise, definitely white and navy blue. White is making its way this year, and cropped length rather than long pants.

Other than that, the sexy style still holds it position in the fashion trend. I'd even say it's gaining energy and is spreading throughout all styles. A little show-off of skin here and there. Phew.
In Japanese girl's fashion, the sexy-line and the cute/conservative-line for a long time were considered to be on the opposite side, but this time I saw sooo many cute&girly brands dressing up the mannequins with short-lengthed stuff.

Let's see, the other style that's becoming more popular is the 60-70s American style (at least, what Japanese acknowledge as 60-70s American... dunno if Americans would call it American). Can't explain it well, but it's like Samantha from Bewitched with a modern Japanese twist. I hear from the ladies that the latest fashion must-have items are... uh, what do you call them in English? Those plastic hair bands that kindergarten girls wear.

This time of year (when it's not exactly warm nor cold) many girls wear denim jackets like they have for the past several years. Short denim jackets with lacey fluffy frilly skirts here, fluffy curled hair with hair bands there... Gosh, how am I suppose to distinguish one from another from a distance? They all look the same.

Anyhoo, you can see the latest fashion everything if you go to 109. Items, shop staffs (cuz of course they wear the featured items of each shop) and last but not least the customers...

Imagine me thrown into such place. Must've looked like a real nerd.

Oh, forgot to say that these fashion styles will appear in ChamaTama ;-)

Today's Shibuya

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