11 April, 2006

Storm Beats the Blossoms

The entire country is covered by thick and heavy rainclouds. Rain is pouring pretty much everywhere from north to south of the country. The low that hit Kyushu yesterday is said to have brought more than 250mm (1 inch) of rain in 24 hours.
Now this low is trying to make its way from west to east as it gradually grows, so it's hanging out around western Japan today and will come across Kanto tomorrow.
It's ok to rain... it's a natural law... but this time it's very unfortunate that it's coming at the time when the cherry blossoms are starting to fall.

Cherry blossoms at full blossoming is certainly beautiful, but to walk through a shower of falling sakura petals is as beautiful and moving. I think it takes you to another world for a while, and the pink carpet created by the fallen petals too is something you can't miss. Or at least, I can't miss.

But this heavy rain...

Too bad :(
Instead of a light sweet shower and pretty carpet of sakura what I'll have is a real cold and gloomy rainshower and dirty, beaten up poor petals.

Very disappointing, but I guess I won't see the marvelous end of sakura this year. I'll have to stand it. I've seen a lot of full blossoming through my reports. I hope next spring will be a pretty one to the end. And I hope the front will wonderfully avoid Kanto region so that I won't be soaked.

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