07 April, 2006

a VERY manga-like true story

This is a news from April 5, 2006.
Several members of a budo-ka (martial arts) family from Singapore, lost in the snowy roads of Aomori (northern end of mainland Japan) were safely taken into protective custody.

If this was all about the news, then I would have been like "hmm, maybe they were going through some kind of shugyo (training/ discipline)... which already is enough manga-like.
Anyway, what really flipped me out was the reason for coming to a snow mountain in Japan all the way from tropical Singapore.

5 years ago this family had lost their family who was a grand master of martial arts teaching Karate and other budo in Singapore. The two sons of this GM were not at all interested in their father's passion and occupation, and while they (this was when the father was still alive) hovered around the succession problem, the dojo's most precious Book of Secrets of Karate got stolen by one of the disciples.

The poor dying father had to worry about his dojo and succession untill his very last breath. Coming up with no concrete solution to get back the stolen book, he finally gathered his last breaths and voice and told his family, "There is a keeper of Kyokushin Karate in Soma-mura of Aomori Prefecture. Pay a visit to him and ask him to pass over his Book of Secrets."

So, that's why they were in the middle of freezing white way up north in Aomori.

Doesn't this sound like a story inside fiction books or manga?
Well I do understand this is fricken serious business for the family, so I dear hope they get to obtain the Book and complete the succession ritual.


So do they have like this ultimate esoterica?
Wonder what it's like... :-)

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