05 April, 2006

The sick season

Four seasons in Japan are quite distinctively different. Weathers and temperatures change dramatically…supposedly.

Of course, there are the shifting seasons which we are experiencing just now, and this shifting season is the most difficult time to go through. For example, you have a couple of days which the temperature goes above 20C with clear blue sky, and then the next day you suddenly get a rainy 14C. You don’t know what to where so your room becomes so messy with woolen and down feather coats with T-shirts all mixed together.

There’s this saying in Japan “sankan-shion” which means “three cold, four warm”. It literally means after having three days straight of cold weather you get four days of warm one. What it really means is though, you get a whole mixture of different weather and temperature during the 7 days of the week.

What’s bad about this is it really confuses the human body. If it was getting gradually warm, you can adjust and adapt to the shifting of the seasons, but this “faint attack” of switching b/w warm and cold really makes you sick physically.

And so here I am, with a nasty cold. Well I guess it’s my bad that I wasn’t careful enough, but how could I be? So many people around me caught colds.

If you’re coming to Japan during any of the season shifting seasons, beware. Don’t forget to bring some clothes both for warm and cold weather (and pollen allergy’s pretty nasty this time of year too). Of course you can buy them here too. So many people still think everything is freaking expensive in Japan, but it’s not that bad everywhere. I mean, you just have to look into the right places.
Buying some clothes here can be souvenirs for yourself, but bringing back a cold definitely isn’t cool.

It is a season that is also beautiful cherry blossoms, really the best for the

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