09 March, 2006

AKIBA holds the power

Akihabara UDX, the new multi-complex building right in front of JR Akihabara Station seems to have opened today (March 9). Together with the Akihabara Daibiru opened up last autumn, the Akihabara Crossfield is now complete and welcomed the grand opening.

...Well, how many of you out there can really understand what that means?
In a word, huge commercial buildings have been jumping out here and there around Akihabara area, the "center of Japanese anime and game industry" (oh, some people really don't like to refer to Akihabara in that way. no offense to those ppl).

The one opened up today - the Akihabara UDX - contains 36 commercial facilities including AKIBA_ICHI, a food court with cafes and restaurants, and the event space AKIBA_SQUARE, studies & research center "Sentan Knowledge Field", Tokyo Anime Center, Design Museum and so on. For details, go to < http://www.akiba-cross.jp/english/index.html > (English Site)

At the opening ceremony held today, the present governor of Tokyo Ishihara made a speech saying: "There is no other place like Akihabara in the world. While you see the wide main street like that of Broadway, you also see small stands and stores selling electric supplied in the back alleys," and, "Many hidden skills still reside underground in Akihabara. Most of the national politicians come from the countrysides and don't exactly know Akihabara. The real driving force of Japan hides in places like Akihabara and Tsukuba. I'd like them to see and know the situations here. Private sectors should stand at the point where they can have a wider view, and give pressure to the world instead of easily pouring out the special skills we have."

Also, according to the comment of one of the "great" politicians: "There's no place in Japan like the Silicon Valley where the latest IT technologies concentrate. I had always thought that if we're to make one, it would be AKIBA. Now we have a great container. What we need now is a live spirit."

Well, I do feel like the desires of the politicians are whirring around, but I do hope that these huge buildings would be some good once they're made.

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