31 March, 2006

The end of March

In Japan, April is the the time for fresh new start. Some enter new schools, and some others become full-time workers for a company.
That means, today, March 31st is the very last day for all of us to enjoy the "old" positions and environment.

Although, new students probably don't feel as much differences as compared to new-workers since there's about a week till the entrance ceremony and additional few more days till classes really start. But the new-workers.... imagine how excited and anxious they are. Whew. I bet many are sighing counting down the last hours they have "the privilege" of lighter social responsibility.
...But then, I just realized now that today's a Friday. So I guess people can enjoy a couple of more days of party freedom ;-)
Monday, first day of work... must be hell :P Youngsters, be prepared!

It's actually not that bad though being a working adult.
Indeed, social responsibility may daunt you making you feel really stressed and tired, but if you have something that you really want to obtain in that field, it's actually a fantastic environment to settle yourself into. So don't be so scared :-)

I wish you all of those becoming a working adult happy departure!

...well, I myself is not that good of an adult, LOL

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