16 March, 2006

Ume at full blossoming

This morning as I was commuting on train, I had a pretty view of the plum blossoms just outside the window.

I think cherry blossoms come first to the minds of many people especially for non-Japanese, synonymous with Japanese spring, but it's actually the plum blossoms that come first announcing the arrival of spring.
And for some reason, the plum blossoms are so appealing and attractive that they really grasp my heart.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me at that time (writer burnout?) so I can't show you my favorite flowers, but if you look up google with "plum blossoms" I think you can get much better pix of the spring blossoms.

What they look like is, they have darker pink as compared to cherry blossoms, slightly smaller in size and rounder in shape, folding their petals inwards just a bit. They're really pretty and the faint sweet-sour fragrance makes them even more pretty.

And moreover, I think that they have this something beyond the beauty of their appearances that appeals to your heart.
The days are yet chilly, with even freezing days at times, but it feels like they're trying to tell us, "It's the beginning of spring, just a bit more to go for warmer days."
I think that there's a unique taste to cherry blossoms that makes you sweet and nostalgic at the same time that even gives you small tears.

If you have a chance to come to Japan this time of year and if you're like, "Damn, the cherry blossoms aren't out yet!" try out the plum blossoms. Go see the petit, soft and sweet flowers sincerely telling the arrival of spring.

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