24 March, 2006

Have your name converted into KANJI!

Recently the "Kanji name-converter" is showing some popularity on my web site Japan Mode.

Quite frankly the visitors to my site is not that much... :-( but yet there are several requests a day on busy days and even if not that much, there is still at least one request every other day.
Visitors don't just read the contents but actually click and open up the mailer to give us an e-mail... some feel kind of reluctant doing this feeling a bit troublesome, so e-mails like these really make me happy.

At the same time of being cheered up by these e-mails, I also get this excitement and content that I'm helping people get to know a little piece of Japanese culture :-)

We thoroughly consider the best combinations of kanji for the names we receive, as if parents deeply think of what to name their newborn baby. Really.
Since kanji names can go both by sound and meaning, there can be hundreds of combination patterns for a single name, but among those hundreds we try to come up with the best one that we think has the brightest or most elegant, or strongest... so on so forth... meaning.
The only problem we have is probably the sophisticatedness of the kanji. For simpler ones don't look as cool or not enough kanji-like, the ones we choose tend to have many strokes and complicated structure (like most of the used kanji are, actually). I assume for non-kanji-readers they're all like another kind of shape or figure, and most times end up a bit difficult to write yourself...

So fixing the difficulty level as we combine the more appropriate kanji is a bit of a brainwork, but still all staffs are quite excited to see the next requests. It's all the more exciting cuz we get to know so many different names from different cultural backgrounds :-D

If there are those who want to see what your name looks like in kanji, or want to add your kanji name on your business card, or for any other purpose, come have a look at our site for some examples and perhaps send us a request.

Or, if you have anything you want to know about Japan, if you have any requests for some new contents, or have a question that you can't seem to find an answer to anywhere on the web, give us a holla!

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