28 March, 2006

The Convenient Convenience Store

End of the month! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Why whee? Of course whee. Pay day!
It's the only time of the month when I get really really dreamy doing some fictive happy money calculation LOL.

But as I drown in the sea of material desires dreaming of the next things to buy for myself, somewhere in reality what is left in the corner of my flying mind, I hear the daunting shadow tip toeing slowly bringing me back to this world.


Oh please.
Rent, gas and electricity, Internet, water, cell phone bills bills bills...
Money so vigorously flying off from my hands...
My sweet little excited heart gets bitten by reality and shrinks and shrinks and shrinks.

In Japan, things are becoming sooo convenient that you can do pretty much anything but residing in a convenience store. Additionally to being able to buy food and drinks and daily supplies, or concert tickets or plain tickets or video game softs and books, or draw out money from the ATM, you can pay for public utility charges like water, gas and electricity and even cell phone bills in pretty much any convenience store you see around regardless the chain.

But the downside of this convenience is that because it's so convenient and easy, you tend to forget to actually do the payment thinking, "Oh, I can do it next time." It's just so easy that the convenience becomes the flaw. Right. I'm one of those (as always) falling into this trap.
I was going to pay for this month's bills during lunch time as I went to the convenience store to grab some food but beautifully forgot to. Well, I guess I'll do it on my way home tonight.

I don't usually spend more than 1,000 yen at convenience stores cuz the only things I buy there are food and magazines, but every end of the month I realize my self with thousands of yens slipping away through my fingers at the cash register of the convenience store.

Anyway, I guess I'll be in good care of the convenience store for a little more while for the end-of-the-month payments. It certainly is a bit troublesome going to the stores just to let go some big money, tho.

Huh? Why don't I just make the payments automatically at a bank?

It is a bunch of the bill that this is frightened.

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