22 March, 2006

Congrats to Oh JAPAN!

The World Baseball Classics is now over stirring up great excitement across Japan.

The finals yesterday marked a TV audience rating of more than 40% since first, Japan made it to the finals and second it was a national holiday here (NOT because we made it to the finals!). Wow, this is quite something. Nearly half of the TV population was glued to the TV, right?

Well, before it all started many people were like, "Does it really mean anything?" but once it started it really produced high fever --- with some "happenings"... but I'd have to say that if there weren't these "happenings" that is to say the refereeing error issues, the tournament wouldn't have been so hot.

That "misjudgment" gathered attention of baseball fans of course, but not only them also more common people not as excited by baseball itself. Quite scary... the power of anger... lol.

But excitement with just a one-time attention doesn't last long on its own. What made the tournament to exciting was after all, the wonderful, amazing and powerful performances of the players :-)

And how did I spend my day? Well I was literally drowned in baseball celebrating the most glorious day of Japanese baseball history, watching the game all day long since I got up at noon, then the live broadcast of the champagne party afterwards, and the sports news till the very end of the day.

So what's the real thrill of baseball? Personally I think its this development rythm of the game, you know, you really put in your emotions to every move made. I used to play baseball when I was in school so I feel especially close to baseball than to other sports, but frankly my interest in it was becoming weaker as I set myself apart from it. But this tournament brought me back to the excitement of baseball. Woohoo. K, I feel like digging out my baseball glove I put somewhere.

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