27 March, 2006

The day when we have two Tokyo Towers

Now, the location for the Tokyo Tower Jr. has been decided and the project is on the move.

Whether a Tokyoite or not, or a Japanese or not, I guess that Tokyo Tower comes to the minds of many people when they think of picturesque Tokyo.
That tall red steel tower is actually facing a crisis of not being able to fully function as a digital terrestrial broadcasting tower being surrounded by buildings much taller. If the current situation continues, the complete shift of braodcasting from analog to digital in 2011 is highly likely to not go on smoothly and the future of the broadcasting in Tokyo would endangered!
So this is how the construction project of the 600 meter scale monster broadcasting tower came up. (FYI the current Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall.)

And what comes next after some big project like this starts to move?
Of course, fierce competition for attracting the monster.
Although it's a junior, it's still Tokyo Tower after all. Is it like, even if you're a second wife you're still the king's wife? lol

The candidate locations for the junior included Sumida Ward (which in the end won), Saitama City, Adachi Ward, Toshima Ward and so on.
For those who have no clue about Tokyo geography it may sound very uninteresting, but anyway, so many places yelled out, "Junior to my area!" fighting to catch the heart of the board. Well, competed. Anyway, this strange committee called something like the intellectual board for the construction of the New Tokyo Tower (or whatever) decided that Sumida would be the most suitable. The reason: Sumida has the most advantage in technological terms and geographical terms, among all the candidates.

Those living outside of Tokyo may have no idea what's in Sumida. To give you a brief brief brief note, this is where Japan's biggest fireworks competition is held, where the Kokugikan is (the holy ground for the national sport sumo). In another word, it is the Shitamachi (former downtown) area which still retains thickly the atmosphere of the good old Tokyo.

I don't know what went through the minds of these intellectuals on the board to build a 600-meter-tall steel monster in the midst of the Edo downtown, but in a way, I feel like "Right, that's so Tokyo." You know, mixing the old with the newest.

http://www.sumida-tower.jp/index.html (Official Site, Japanese)

So what do you think?
All I can think of now is "what would Tokyo look like from 600 meter above ground?"
At this moment, it's just that the location has been determined and nothing more, so if there's an update I'll write about it here and on my web site Japan Mode.

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